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  • Evo-SEC Security Platform

    Any  data centre, whether 3rd party collocation or in-house, can benefit from the bespoke designed, data centre security platform “ Evo-SEC”

    Our evolved security analytics technology (Evo-SEC) is market leading and has the benefit of being (both fused and individually) tested in the most arduous of conditions and situations by many of the world’s largest organisations. The platform has been specifically designed to be world leading and incorporates security products from leaders in their respective industries, setting the benchmark for product performance on the global stage.

    Available to corporate customers globally, Evo-SEC can also be deployed across 3rd party operator, and proprietary customer sites, enabling a seamless global security platform for maximised security, efficiency and return on investment. The Evo-SEC solution can be deployed across a mix of IT and non-IT assets, to incorporate data centre, plant and office sites for a truly one stop shop corporate security solution.

    Without being intrusive, Evo-SEC will provide a multi-layered, defence security platform. The following applications will make up the overall solution:

    • PSIM Control & Command Platform (full situational awareness)
    • Security Control Room design and implementation
    • ‘358’ Tri-mesh fencing with optional ‘power top’
    • Multi-zone (fence mounted) perimeter detection system (PIDS)
    • Crash tested trackless speed gates (PAS68 rated)
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    • Vehicle Air-lock
    • Military grade Thermal Imaging CCTV cameras
    • Predator IR, Thermal & White light PTZ dome cameras (target tracking)
    • 5 Megapixel High-Def IP CCTV cameras (& IP PTZ domes)
    • Intelligent Video Analytics incl. patented Tag & Track
    • Iris Recognition (Access Control)
    • Multi-spectral Fingerprint Recognition (Access Control)
    • CBRNe Package (chemical, biological, radiological & nuclear), Fixed Point & Handheld Trace Detector (explosives, chem. agents, chemicals & narcotics), Small package X-Ray machine, Walk-through Metal Detector
    • Personnel ‘man-trap’ – using volumetric detection
    • HP IT Hardware Infrastructure
    • Digital Audio ‘2-way’ Intercom and Tannoy system
    • Intruder Alarm (Redcare)
    • Infra-red LED lighting
    • Smart Water – Forensic DNA coding
    • Biometric locker & Key management

    The entire physical security network will be monitored by a Control & Command software platform (PSIM). When any of the sensors are activated by a threat or event, the security team will be notified immediately through various visual methods. At the security team’s disposal is a range of equipment and technologies available to assess the situation and the system allows default alarm settings to be predetermined at the hand over point, delivering a truly bespoke solution.

    Defence in depth

    The security rationale underpinning the concept of security operations for Evo-SEC is that of “layered defence” to detect threats as early as possible. Creating layers of security measures means the facility is protected by numerous security controls, and the failure of one control group does not necessarily compromise the entire Data Centre.

    In broad terms, the further the distance away from the Data Centre a threat can be neutralised, the greater the chances of survivability of both. Layered defence assumes that some threats may “leak” through the outer defensive layers but the closer the threat gets to the data centre, the stronger and more effective the countermeasures to meet that threat become.

    Resources & 3rd Party advisors

    Not withstanding the inherent knowledge of the security industry, possessed by our security platform design team they also felt it professionally negligent if relevant 3rd party experts were not approached for their advice and expertise. As such, the Evo-SEC platform has followed the broad guidelines set out in publications from and also been subjected to extensive peer review from the following organisations and individuals:

    • Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)
    • The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)
    • Home Office – Office for Security & Counter Terrorism (OSCT)
    • Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC)
    • Northern Ireland Office (NIO)
    • C-HQ Security Consultants