Evo-POD Overview

Evo-POD Overview


Evo-POD™ Overview

Available as a true alternative to a “bricks and mortar” permanent data centre, the 96 rack Liquid Cooled Evo-POD™ for example is a 3,000ft² data centre that delivers the same capacity as a traditional 10,000ft² data centre

Cooling solutions

The Evo-POD™  is cooled using either Direct Evaporative Free Air or Liquid Cooling Technology which both reduce the carbon footprint of your data centre whilst also reducing operating costs.

Traditional “bricks and mortar” data centres struggle to upgrade cooling density capacity, due largely to space limitations and data centre design restrictions, along with large capital outlay requirements. Utilising either Liquid or Air, the innovative modular cooling designs of the Evo-POD™ ensures that the POD cooling density can be seamlessly upgraded and increased with zero downtime, as and when required by customers.

Direct Evaporative Free Air Cooling (EVAP)

The dce enhanced evaporative cooling solution automatically uses free air when possible and will automatically switch over to alternate modes as and when environmental conditions dictate. Depending on environmental conditions and outside temperatures, the cooling system automatically adjusts to any of the three modes:

Evaporative Free Air Cooling, Direct Expansion (DX) assist, or Full DX.

High Density Liquid Cooling to the Rack (HDL)

The dce enhanced liquid cooled Evo-POD™ utilises an innovative rear door cooling which provides 100% indirect free cooling in Northern Europe and an optimised rack environment.

Enhanced HVAC Hybrid LC/AC Cooling (HYBRID)

The dce enhanced hybrid Evo-POD™ allows customers full flexibility of cooling choices within a dce data centre campus location. The Hybrid POD offers efficient air cooling for low density applications and liquid cooled options for higher densities.