Cost Efficient ROI

The Evo-POD™ offers customers both business and IT benefits when compared to traditional “Bricks and Mortar” data centres or customer build projects:

  • Lower infrastructure demands: Less site preparation and data centre integration expenditure is needed as air conditioning, monitoring, fire suppression and security systems are included.
  • High density, modular design: easy to maintain and upgrade which improves supply chain economies of scale and also helps to reduce capital expenses, one-time engineering costs, and IT integration resources.
  • Fully integrated and pre-configured IT: “Plug and Play” solution means reduced costs and faster speed of deployment for customers.
  • No significant upfront capital investment required to deploy your data centre
  • Rapid deployment within 16-20 weeks

Each Evo-POD™ provides the user with a secure, flexible, standalone data centre housed within a bespoke structure. The power density within the Evo-POD™ can be varied on a rack-by-rack basis. The final specification of each Evo-POD™ can be tailored to the requirement of the end user to fit specific security and power requirements.