Evo-POD™ Operational Costs

Data centres typically consume huge amounts of electricity and are therefore generally expensive assets to run. The Evo-POD™ has a bespoke airflow design specification to ensure that the optimum IT delivery environment is available to customers. This maximises the PUE rating, keeping facilities and technical power wastages to a minimum and reducing operating power costs.

PUE 1.10
Standard DC
PUE 2.3
 Total Power Used  4.4kW  9.2kW
 Total Hours Per Annum  8760  8760
 Price Per kw Per Hour  10p  10p
 Technical Load Cost Per Hour  40p  40p
 Facilities Load Cost Per Hour  4p  52p
 Annual Technical Load Cost  £3,504.00  £3,504.00
 Annual Facilities Load Cost  £350.40  £4,555.20
 Total Energy Cost Per Annum  £3854.40 £8,059.20


The Evo-POD™ has been innovatively designed to provide customers wih demonstrable reductions in both data centre operating cost and energy consumption. To help maximise energy efficiency the design incorporates, highly insulated and fire resistant shell construction that is LPS1175 SR3and SR4 rated.

The Evo-POD™ also has a very low energy light scheme controlled by proximity switching.