Evo-POD™ Technical Specification

The dce Evo-POD™ meets the following:

  • The Uptime Institutes Tier 3 standard ( option to upgrade to Tier 4)
  • ASHREA (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers) 2011 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments Class A1.
Number of Racks
96,48 OR 24
Cooling Density Range 100kW (24 and 48 only) – 2.4MW (96 only)
Rack Density Maximum 27.5kW
Mixed Densities Yes
Air or Liquid Cooling Both available
Cooling Technology Air and Liquid
Redundancy Options N+1, 2N
IT Cooling Capacity 0.88MW Air Cooled, 2.4MW Liquid Cooled
Cooling Capacity Per Rack 9.15kW Air Cooled, 27.5kW liquid Cooled
CFM Per Rack 400kW POD, 560 CFM; 800kW POD, 1120 CFM
DX Back Up
Cooling Expansion Capability In Same Footprint
Yes up to 2.4MW in the same 96 rack POD footprint
Fire Suppression
Type IG-55 inert gas with Oxygen Detection
Standard Security
Biometric Fingerprint Access Yes
Card Reader
CCTV Optional
Abloy Rack Locks Yes
Cool Aisle Auto Locking Yes


Of critical importance to the design is the ability of dce to provide our customers with a technical area separate to the equipment, to give customers full security to their server/storage allowing dce to maintain and run the data centre campus without the need to disturb or disrupt customer operations.

The dimensions of the Liquid Cooled Evo-POD™ are:

  • Length – 21 metres
  • Width – 12 metres
  • Height – 3.6 metres

The dimensions of the External Air Cooled Evo-POD™ are:

  • Length – 21metres
  • Width – 21metres
  • Height – 3.6 metres